My pleasure~

Monday, 2 November 2015

Sharon's Rotten Heart

Why Lucy don't have friend?
Because she crazy. full stop. no one want to be her friend. 

no, it wrong~

Lucy don't have friend because she don't trust one. 

remember when Sharon stab her back.
remember when Sharon humiliate her in front of everyone.
spread the rumors about her family.
Lucy traumatize.

Sharon is evil.
She look like a very sweet typical young lady.   
So nice, so polite but have a rotten heart. 
She is totally fake, 
Friend with benefit.
She is passenger,
She want everything that Lucy have.  

Wait.. now you at Lucy side?

I'm not at Lucy side or any side,
I just hate what Sharon did.
we can't simply use people for own benefit. 
what Sharon did is wrong. 

but what Lucy did is wrong too.
She cant kill people because she fell betrayed.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Growing Up is Killing me

the light so bright,
the music so loud,
the people so crowded.

i seat in the middle of the hall,
what the fuck i'm doing here?

this feeling is not right.
it stupid.
it huge but empty.

the only thing that pop up from my head
is my stinky pillow and green blanket.
my comfort place to hide from this craziness.

i need my nap time~
going back to wonderland, meet peter pan and stay as child.
Growing up is killing me.


Saturday, 2 May 2015

Lucy Birthday

Today is Lucy birthday.
Mrs. Robinson prepare cake for her.
Lucy lock herself in her room.
She hate birthday party.
She hate celebration.
She hate everything.

Like a year before Lucy lock her self in the bathroom.
Screaming all day.
but Mrs Robinson don't give up.
She still prepare cake and small party for Lucy.

Mrs Robinson make promise to Lucy's Mother
that she will  prepare party for Lucy every year.
Even she know Lucy never appreciate her hard work.

After Lucy's Mother which is Mrs Amanda died.
Mrs Robinson take responsible to help Peter to take care of Lucy.


Lucy still in her room.
No sign that she will come out.
Mrs Robinson know this will happen
So she prepare Apple pie for Lucy.

Lucy love Apple pie.

Friday, 1 May 2015


Peter cry so loud,
He try to kill him self several time
but the doctor manage to keep his life.

Peter condition getting worse
He possessed by the devil.
He scream and cry at the same time.

Peter keep mention Lucy name,
over and over again.
He said Lucy wont forgive him,
Lucy keep hunting him everyday since 15 years ago.

"I cant handle it anymore,
sometime die is the best way to escape,
die is the solution for sinner like me.
let me go to hell,
let me go to hell....!!!!!"

Peter repeated that word over and over again
and keep write it on the wall in his cell.

Peter cant accept this torture anymore
He want to die.

Wide Smile

Kids running, wide smile on their faces~

Today I run,
Im looking the wide smile on my face too,
but i cant find it.

Where is my Wide Smile?
Where i put??

I try looking my wide smile in the boxes under my bed.
I open the box and i find a book.
The old book that i wrote when i was young.
The book that i get from my 10 year old birthday.

I open the book and i read it.
It hilarious when i try to tell everything inside the book.
I keep read it until the last page of the book.

Suddenly i realize this hand writing was not mine,
Written by someone to me.

Dear Sweetheart, 

       please forgive me, i know when you grow up you will be looking for your wide smile. Im sorry to snatch it from you. Im sorry to making damage on you. 

my regret,