My pleasure~

Friday, 20 May 2016

Lucy Don't cry~

Lucy, don't cry.
it okay to be different.
it okay`~

I make mistake to,
A lot!
but it doesn't mean that you fail. 
you just try to adjust with your new world.
new environment,
and new friend. 

Yes, i know you don't trust one,
but Lucy, you have to open your heart,
give them chance to prove them self
They did nothing, 
They not Sharon.
Sharon die~

I know it hard,
I was on your position before,
I truly understand what you feel now.
Remember Lucy, we are chosen by God. 

God choose us because we different,
we strong, 
you have to remember that Lucy. 

I will always in your heart.
Never left you behind.
My soulmate~