My pleasure~

Saturday, 13 December 2014

People don't get~


it easy,
that what people say,
get a life, move on.


It not easy as you think,
it cost half of your live.
Half of your emotion,
half of you.

People don't get,
because they don't feel.

If walk away is easy like you say
I don't need half of me die together
with the damn memories.

I hate to admit but it was.
hey! who are you to judge me?
who are you?
hey i'm asking
who are you?

to be honest,
I don't know either.
im stuck.
I wish I can move forward
and never look back,
but if I did.......

I go for good.


Friday, 21 November 2014

Man (Kingson)

That man still attract my attention,
and I don't know why,

Every time I saw him,
he remind me to someone,
someone that keep playing in mind.
it crazy I know.

It like walking in the dark,
It something,
something that I cant explain.
and I don't know how to explain.

Dear someone,
            I find a guy exactly like you. I know it sound crazy but yeah it is. Maybe I still live in your shadow, the best place to escape. I try my best to move on to build a new kingdom but..... it not easy as I think. It take a lot or energy and hard work. I still work on it.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014


There is a man..
wearing a black suite with a black tie and a black leather shoes.
Short haircut with the thin beard and a killing smile.
wearing a spectacles and black Tissot watch.
Nice scent from Terre D'hermes.

He always holding a book,
and I assume that he like to read.

There are few time he caught me when I secretly peeping his eyes.
Yeah.. his beautiful eyes.
His eyes is the most beautiful creation that I ever see

He just smile when our eyes bump each other.
maybe he think that I'm a nutter
nutter lady who like staring people.
to be continue.........

Saturday, 25 October 2014


I sit at the corner of the café,
Drink a cup of coffee while waiting for someone,
There are emptiness here, somewhere in my chest.

I think im waiting for something to full fill my chest.
Sit alone at the corner while drink coffee dose not change anything.
I think I must do something.
so I get up and leave this place.

I keep walk and walk and walk
until I feel hurt on my chest and my feet.
My heart beat fast.
I think im tired enough to walk to think and to do anything
so I stop at the middle of the highway.

Stop to think, stop to walk, and stop to breath!

I drowning in the cloud of human.
no space no air.

oh.. It just a dream. I still here.