My pleasure~

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


There is a man..
wearing a black suite with a black tie and a black leather shoes.
Short haircut with the thin beard and a killing smile.
wearing a spectacles and black Tissot watch.
Nice scent from Terre D'hermes.

He always holding a book,
and I assume that he like to read.

There are few time he caught me when I secretly peeping his eyes.
Yeah.. his beautiful eyes.
His eyes is the most beautiful creation that I ever see

He just smile when our eyes bump each other.
maybe he think that I'm a nutter
nutter lady who like staring people.
to be continue.........

Saturday, 25 October 2014


I sit at the corner of the café,
Drink a cup of coffee while waiting for someone,
There are emptiness here, somewhere in my chest.

I think im waiting for something to full fill my chest.
Sit alone at the corner while drink coffee dose not change anything.
I think I must do something.
so I get up and leave this place.

I keep walk and walk and walk
until I feel hurt on my chest and my feet.
My heart beat fast.
I think im tired enough to walk to think and to do anything
so I stop at the middle of the highway.

Stop to think, stop to walk, and stop to breath!

I drowning in the cloud of human.
no space no air.

oh.. It just a dream. I still here.