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Monday, 2 November 2015

Sharon's Rotten Heart

Why Lucy don't have friend?
Because she crazy. full stop. no one want to be her friend. 

no, it wrong~

Lucy don't have friend because she don't trust one. 

remember when Sharon stab her back.
remember when Sharon humiliate her in front of everyone.
spread the rumors about her family.
Lucy traumatize.

Sharon is evil.
She look like a very sweet typical young lady.   
So nice, so polite but have a rotten heart. 
She is totally fake, 
Friend with benefit.
She is passenger,
She want everything that Lucy have.  

Wait.. now you at Lucy side?

I'm not at Lucy side or any side,
I just hate what Sharon did.
we can't simply use people for own benefit. 
what Sharon did is wrong. 

but what Lucy did is wrong too.
She cant kill people because she fell betrayed.

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