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Friday, 1 May 2015

Wide Smile

Kids running, wide smile on their faces~

Today I run,
Im looking the wide smile on my face too,
but i cant find it.

Where is my Wide Smile?
Where i put??

I try looking my wide smile in the boxes under my bed.
I open the box and i find a book.
The old book that i wrote when i was young.
The book that i get from my 10 year old birthday.

I open the book and i read it.
It hilarious when i try to tell everything inside the book.
I keep read it until the last page of the book.

Suddenly i realize this hand writing was not mine,
Written by someone to me.

Dear Sweetheart, 

       please forgive me, i know when you grow up you will be looking for your wide smile. Im sorry to snatch it from you. Im sorry to making damage on you. 

my regret,

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