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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


YaAllah aku rindu pada manusia ciptaanmu.


My friend wrote a letter to a girl that he admire, but that letter never meant to be send.
He wrote a touch letter to express his feeling to his girl. He really love his girl. He care everything about his girl even the simple thing.  But not every love story will end happily. He may not the lucky one. 

Reading my friend letter, inspired me to wrote one to someone that i hope will read this.

 Today, tonight allow me to spread a Love. 
Allow me to share about my story. 
Allow me to remember  memory that I been through. 

Dear You,

Assalammualaikum *greeting
I never told you before how much I love u, 
how much i need you,
how much i want to be with u. 

It not easy for me to see you every single day
but pretend like stranger. This feeling so misery and damn hard.
I don't know why so hard to say hai.. 
Scared... i guess !!

I'm scared to be rejected.   
I'm scared if only me want to be with u, but you not fell the same

I miss our moment together.

but hey, we still move on like nothing happen. 
we still run to achieve what we want in our life.

watching you grow, healthy and happy,
is more than i wish for. 

Thank you 

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